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You have questions. We have answers.

Why Bitches on Comics?

Sara Century and S.E. Fleenor started Bitches on Comics to make the world of comic books more welcoming and friendly, particularly for LGBTQ folks and women readers. Our goal is to break down the barriers that have historically kept lots of people from feeling “in” on comics and to help people find the comics community, books, and culture that will help them thrive. Learn more about Bitches on Comics and our co-hosts at

Where can I send my questions?

New to comics and unsure where to start? Curious about choosing a comic book store and what to expect? Well, never you fear, the Bitches on Comics are here to answer the questions that plague you on our new podcast. Send questions to

Where can I access your episodes?

Wherever you get your podcasts.

Who are these bitches?

Co-hosts Sara Century and S.E. Fleenor bring years of reading and writing about comic books, big opinions about all things pop culture, and a whole lot of love to our thoughtful, hilarious, and weird podcast. Learn more about Bitches on Comics, Sara, and S.E. at

What is Patreon and why do you keep bringing it up?

Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easier for creative folks to fund their work. Patrons can support creative projects like Bitches on Comics at a variety of levels–from $2 to $20 a month. Learn more about our Patreon and how it helps us continue our work at:

How is Bitches on Comics funded?

Bitches on Comics episodes are available for free because we’re dedicated to breaking down barriers and making comics more welcoming and friendly to all audiences, particularly LGBTQ folks and women readers. That said, we rely on support from listeners via Patreon to keep the podcast going. Even $2 a month makes a difference–and $20 a month can both allow co-hosts to dedicate time to Bitches on Comics, as well as hiring other freelancers and Bitches to join us in making this podcast exceptional. We are also open to sponsorships.

I’m interested in sponsoring Bitches on Comics. Where can I learn more?

We’re pumped that you’re interested in sponsoring our awesome podcast. Email us to get a conversation started: We’re particularly interested in working with LGBTQ-owned businesses and LGBTQ-serving organizations. Bitches on Comics is dedicated to editorial independence.

I have an idea for a segment. Can I be a Bitch on Comics?

We’re all Bitches on Comics here, so consider yourself included. If you have an idea for a segment, send us an email with a 1-2 paragraph description, anticipated length, and any other pertinent information at:

We are currently determining if and how we can compensate guest hosts.