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about us

We’re Bitches on Comics and we’re creating a podcast to make comics more welcoming and friendly, particularly for LGBTQ folks and women readers. Bitches wanted.

Co-hosted by Sara Century and S.E. Fleenor, Bitches on Comics is an advice podcast where we answer your comics-related questions. Examples of questions include:

  • How do I choose a comic book store and what can I expect?
  • What ever happened to Jubilee?
  • How do the Steven Universe comics fit into the series?
  • Which queer indie comics should I read?
  • What are the best Jean Grey stories?
  • What do I need to know about going to my first Con?

Our whole goal is to include more folks in the comic book world and to help newer readers find comics they’ll love–with no shade for being new.

You can support our podcast by becoming our Patron on Patreon. We welcome support at a variety of levels–from $2 to $20 a month. Learn more about our Patreon and how it helps us continue our work at:

Our Hosts Are…

image by emma mallinen

Sara Century (she/her) is an artist, writer, and filmmaker who is obsessed with most things. She is good at speaking in public, working for most hours of her waking life, and saying quotable things in casual conversation.

You can find Sara’s webcomic with Tana Thornock at

Learn more about Sara at: or on Twitter @saracentury


image by emma mallinen

S.E. Fleenor (they/them) writes novels, creative non-fiction, and articles centering on feminism, queer identities, pop culture, and literature. Their writing has appeared in Vice, Electric Literature,, Upworthy, The Muse, and Class Lives: Stories from Across the Economic Divide. They regularly write for SYFY WIRE’s feminist vertical, FANGRRLS, and Daily Xtra. Feisty, sometimes angry, sometimes funny, but always bringing realness, S.E. is ecstatic to share their love of comics with audiences that have historically been excluded, particularly LGBTQ folks and women readers.

Learn more about S.E. at: or on Twitter @se_fleenor

Podcast is recorded in Denver, Colorado via Kate Warner, who plays in the band Church Fire, who you can listen to here:

Theme music is written and recorded by Katy Taylor, who plays as Earth Control Pill. You can listen to more at

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