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Episode 167: I More Enjoy Messy Characters in Fiction featuring Hailey Piper

Last updated on October 27, 2023

Welcome to our horror extravaganza! All month long, we’re interviewing guests about horror and why they love it so. Up first is Hailey Piper, who has been dubbed one of the most important horror writers of our modern age. Hailey has a LOT of published work out there, so we talk about as much of it as we can fit into a 90-minute podcast with plenty of tangents. Hailey really knows her stuff so this is one for the horror nerds or anyone who wants to know more about why the heck we love horror so.

As noted, Hailey has a lot of work out there, and we can’t recommend it enough! Check out her website to get a comprehensive set of links for available works. Especially preorder A Light Most Hateful!

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