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17 horror comics and graphic novels to celebrate spooky season!

by the BoC team and our guests

Here at Bitches on Comics we love horror! We love it so much! And to celebrate our deep love of horror this spooky season, we’ve compiled some of our favorite horror comics–and asked our guests this month to join in the fun! From throwback tales of romance and horror to modern explorations of grief, we’ve gathered the comics that bring thrills and chills!

Grab your favorite pumpkin, put on that Ghostface mask, and settle in for some truly seasonally appropriate comics and graphic novels!

A cover shows a person in a vest with a fuzzy hood standing in front of an amorphous black and brown cloud. This is the cover of I Walk with Monsters.

I Walk With Monsters – recommended by Sara Century

Written by Paul Cornell, art and covers by Sally Cantirino, colors by Dearbhla Kelly, and letters by Andworld Design

I Walk With Monsters is a story about healing the monsters that live inside us all. Great writing, great art, great story! Getting deep into how difficult it can be to let go of the worst things that ever happened to us and how we all need to do that to move forward, to be better people. – Sara Century

A person holds their head while their hair flows out in all directions. This is the cover of Black Hole Heart

Black Hole Heart – recommended by Priya Saxena

By Cathy G. Johnson

I love how Black Hole Heart is brief and fairly simple yet haunting. It really captures the feeling of being a teen frustrated at the lack of control you have over your life. Add a confusing female friendship, and mwah! Chef’s kiss! – Priya Saxena

One of the endless holds the body of Lucifer on the cover of Lucifer

Lucifer – recommended by Hailey Piper

Written by Mike Carey with art by various, including peter Gross, Scott Hampton, Ryan Kelly, Dean Ornston, Chris Weston, and James Hodgkins

Mike Carey’s Lucifer follows DC’s Lucifer, who runs a piano bar in L.A. rather than tormenting sinners, but his commitment to free will causes endless problems. Hard to sum this one up because it’s an EPIC! And those COVERS 😍 – Hailey Piper

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Poison Ivy wipes her mouth, blood running down her chin. She holds a fork in her hand. This is the cover of Poison Ivy: The Virtuous Cycle

Poison Ivy: the Virtuous Cycle – recommended by Sara Century

Written by G. Willow Wilson, art by Marcio Takara, colors by Arif Prianto

Ivy struggles with her own complicated morality while combatting humanity’s destruction of the natural world. Ivy & Harley are IN LOVE & much of Ivy’s narration is a love letter to her. Body horror, ethical questions, all the good stuff. – Sara Century

The cover of the TPB for Return of the Living Deadpool shows 12 Deadpools and a zombie gathered looking down at the viewer. A full moon rises behind them

Return of the Living Deadpool – recommended by S.E. Fleenor

Written by Cullen Bunn, art by Nik Virella, letters by VC’s Joe Sabino

If you ever wondered what Deadpool would do about zombies, then you should read Night of the Living Deadpool. If you’ve read that and/or want to know why zombies are the perfect match for Deadpool, then you must read Return of the Living Deadpool. This wild comic is horror comedy in the truest sense: funny and scary with Deadpool-y violence and beautiful, almost-tragic art. Think Deadpool, zombies, Zombie Deadpool, and Deadpool zombies–what else do you need? – S.E. Fleenor

The cover of Destroyer shows a young Black boy covered in scars, looking up at the viewer

Destroyer – recommended by Stephanie Williams

Written by Victor LaValle, art by Dietrich Smith, letters by Jim Campbell, Colors by Joana Lafuente

Destroyer starts with the question “What if Frankenstein’s monster was still alive?” and unfolds into a stunning, complex tale of grief and creation.

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The cover of A Guest in the House shows a person walking down the stairs in black and white. Curved around the person is a red and blue dripping thing, haunting her.

A Guest in the House – recommended by Jasmine Walls

By Emily Carroll

One horror book that caught my attention right away is Emily Carroll’s “A Guest in the House”, which has absolutely stunning art, deft writing, and I still find myself occasionally staring off into space thinking about that ending. – Jasmine Walls

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The cover of Through the Woods shows someone walking through a snowy, dark, looming forest with a blood red circle behind them

Through the Woods – recommended by Teo DuVall

By Emily Carroll

Funnily enough, I was also going to recommend an Emily Carroll book. This one is “Through the Woods,” a collection of stories that are unnerving, foreboding and visually decadent. – Teo DuVall

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The cover of a Gift for a Ghost shows a ghost in a sheet walking along a pond where a girl in a dress is reflected.

A Gift for a Ghost – recommended by Sara Century

By Borja González

A Gift for a Ghost deserves way more hype. It’s about the parallel lives of two groups of teen girls in different time periods (AND GHOSTS). A Gift for a Ghost is one of the most hauntingly beautiful comics I own. Bought it for its aesthetic and never looked back. – Sara Century

The Low, Low Woods – recommended by S.E. Fleenor

Written by Carmen Maria Machado, art by Dani, colors by Tamra Bonvillain, letters by Steve Wands

With stunning visuals and gritty, surreal colors, The Low, Low Woods is the kind of horror that makes you wonder what’s happening underneath the ground you walk on–and why exactly you should be afraid of the forest. Scary, sweet, queer as all get out, and not to be missed! – S.E. Fleenor

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A red cover shows a person dressed in military-ish garb with a crooked hat with a crown. the cover of Tokyo Babylon by Clamp

Tokyo Babylon – recommended by K-Ming Chang

By Clamp

We asked for horror recs for our listeners and K-Ming Chang cited Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP. Couldn’t agree more! Gorgeous manga about siblings fighting to save Japan from supernatural threats. A real must-read! – Sara Century for K-Ming Chang

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The cover of Parasyte shows a hand with two eyeballs on the palm and snarling monsters behind.

Parasyte – recommended by Sara Century

By Hitoshi Iwaaki

Parasyte is VERY well-known but I found it via the gorgeous hardcover reprints. Philosophical and gruesome, Shinichi and the alien parasite that has infected his hand, Migi, fight other parasites and debate the complexity of perspective. Migi is a symbiotic predator but as such asks some pretty salient questions about humanity along the way. Great! – Sara Century

the cover of Hellboy: The Wolves of St August shows Hellboy creeping through a cemetery surrounded by religious iconography and shadows. One of the shadows is actually a huge werewolf so yikes

Hellboy – recommended by Teo DuVall

Written and illustrated by Mike Mignola, colors by James Sinclair, letters by Pat Brosseau

A classic Hellboy read, “The Wolves of St August,” is one of my favorites to re-read during the spooky season. – Teo DuVall

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A very 70s cover in pinks and oranges shows Abbott in profile. This is the cover of Abbott 1973 by Raul Allen

Abbott 1973 – recommended by S.E. Fleenor

Written by Saladin Ahmed, art by Sami Kivelä, colors by Mattia Iacono, letters by Jim Campbell

Abbott 1973 picks up right after Abbott left off. Our intrepid reporter Elena Abbott has defeated one villain, only to feel others rising in his place. A detective comic where the cops aren’t the good guys, body horror, 70s aesthetic, spooky art, and the very cool inclusion of excerpts from Elena’s articles make this one you don’t want to miss! – S.E. Fleenor

The cover of Wonder Woman The Circle shows wonder Woman poised to fight

Wonder Woman: The Circle – recommended by K-Ming Chang

Written by Gail Simone, pencils by Terry Dodson, Bernard Chang, and Ron Randall, inks by Rachel Dodson, Bernard Chang, Ron Randall, and Jon Holdridge, colors by Alex Sinclair, I.L.L., Lee Loughridge, Pete Pantazis, letters by Rob Leigh, Travis Lanham, John J. Hill

Another horror comic recommendation from our guest K-Ming Chang: Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman: The Circle! It’s not considered a “horror comic” by most but we beg to differ! Any story where Cheetah or Circe appears is a horror comic tbh. It’s one of the great runs on the book and there’s a lot to dive into, so if you haven’t read it, you gotta! – Sara Century for K-Ming Chang

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The cover of Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion shows someone walking down the stairs with candle. Someone else lies in wait.

Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion – recommended by Sara Century

By Various Creative Teams

Didja know that DC Comics did a couple of gothic romance anthologies inspired by Dark Shadows in the 70s? Well, I’m here to tell you they did, they’re awesome, and you can read them on the DC Infinite app: Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion. As with everything from the 1970s, there are some implicit trigger warnings implied here, but the gorgeous art and off-kilter romance/horror stories are worth the jaunt through treacherous territory if you’re a fan of 70s genre comics. – Sara Century

The cover of the TPB for Saga of the Swamp Thing Book 1 shows Swamp Thing's face in profile. Swamp Thing is green and has a root growing across their face.

Saga of the Swamp Thing – recommended by S.E. Fleenor

Written by Alan Moore, pencils by Stephen Bissette, inks by John Totleben, colors by Tatjana Wood, letters by John Costanza and Todd Klein

Saga of the Swamp Thing is one of those comic runs you just have to read. The story of the being who once was the man Alec Holland is one of body horror, self acceptance, and sex tubers told in remarkable, harrowing, creepy art. This run revolutionized the way we think of Swamp Thing and firmly situated them in my heart.  – S.E. Fleenor

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Happy reading, comic nerds! We hope you get all the tricks and treats you desire!