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pride extravaganza

Each year for Pride, we talk to some of the coolest people in comics and pop culture about the stories they’re telling, queer and trans identities on and behind the page and screen, and why speculative fiction is so damn queer and trans.

In 2023, we are hosting the following episodes for Pride month:

  • Episode 156: Be real featuring Moonie Desvarieux and Jess Desvarieux, the team behind Moonie the Web Series
  • June 14 │ Episode 157: It’s everyone’s problem featuring Mário César on his comic Blessed Cure with guest host Craig Hale
  • June 21 │ Episode 158 featuring Alex Malcolm, writer and producer, on Interview with the Vampire
  • June 28 │ Episode 159 featuring Charlie Jane Anders on her New Mutants run and the Unstoppable Trilogy with guest host Izzy Wasserstein

Listen wherever you listen to your podcasts or at the links above!

Prior Year’s Pride Extravaganza Episodes

Pride 2022

Listen wherever you listen to your podcasts or at the links above!

Pride 2021

Episode 91: A stealth multiverse, an interview with R.B. Lemberg, author of The Four Profound Weaves

Episode 92: Unabashedly queer action comedy featuring Ben Kahn and Rachel Silverstein, creators of Renegade Rule

Episode 93: The infinite possibility of gender featuring Bishakh Som, creator of Apsara Engine and Spellbound

Episode 94: Black stories across decades featuring Craig, film, TV, and comic critic on Far Sector, Abbott, Lovecraft Country, and HBO’s Watchmen

Episode 95: Seems pretty gay to me featuring Yoshi Yoshitani, creator of Tarot of the Divine, artist I Am Not Starfire

Episode 96: All Latinx, all queer featuring Stan Stanley, creator The Hazards of Love

Episode 97: So many queer characters featuring Sophie Campbell, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wet Moon, Glory

Episode 98: A lot of big queer feelings featuring Trung Le Nguyen, creator of Magic Fish

Episode 99: Centered on queer, Brown people featuring Vita Ayala, New Mutants, Children of the Atom, The Wilds, and Livewire, with Stephanie Williams, Nubia and the Amazons, DC Pride

Pride 2020

Episode 40.0: Tell queer stories, an interview with Anthony Oliveira, War of the Realms writer.

Episode 41.0: These people matter! an interview with MariNaomi, indie comic veteran and creator of the Life on Earth series.

Episode 41.5: The genesis of so much, an interview with Leah McKendrick and Mariah Owen, creators of the 2020 Poison Ivy fan film Pamela and Ivy.

BONUS: Every part is really good, a review of The Young Avengers (available for free on our Patreon)

Episode 42.0: I agree that I’m right, an interview with Chingy Nea about sex workers in comics

BONUS: A source of power, a review of queer comics anthologies We’re Still Here, Gay Genius, Love is Love, and Rainbow Reflections (available for free on our Patreon)

Episode 43.0: The energy of all comics, an interview with Gabby Rivera, author of Marvel’s America, Juliet Takes a Breath, and b.b. free

Episode 47.0: That would be impolitic, an interview with Judith Slays, aka Emma Veronique Houxbois, drag star and trans sexuality educator